Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Did you know that Crystal Gayle and Loretta Lynn are sisters? How about that Taco Bell was started by a guy named Glenn Bell.

The other day I was riding around with the guys. We weren’t talking about much just the usual gay boy conversation. When the topic turned to Taco Bell, I mentioned that Taco Bell was founded by a guy named Mr. Bell. Dalton called bullshit; this was due to eight years of being around me. He knows I have a knack of remembering useless bits of trivia. Then spewing them back at any time with only half the supporting story. With maybe some colorful fiction added in...just to make the story better. This is why Wikipedia has changed my life. Anytime I need to substantiate a fact….when someone happens to be calling me a liar. I can now Wikipedia it.

So, the next time the conversation turns to equine health, and you get an eye roll from your friends after you causally mention that horses can’t vomit. Think of me and pull out your iPhone to Wikipedia it. It's true....really.



Gooster said...

AND you can submit to wikipedia any nonsense you want, so you can "prove" that Neil Armstrong played Nerf football on the moon!

Wonder Man said...

Wiki is a lifesaver sometimes

Anonymous said...

Sadly, YOU can post your half made up stories in Wikipedia as fact...fc

Geoff said...

lol....we share the same talent/trait, isn't it annoying to be fabulously above the pack?