Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Have I mentioned how much I hate WORD VERIFICATION? But, not as much as having Viagra ads crammed into every hole in the universe.

This is going to be a Non Sequitur post as I’m not really awake yet.


I was driving home last night and since we’re in a rural area I was on a stretch of county road with fields on both sides. I saw a blur run from across one of the fields heading for the Jeep. I quickly spotted it as a rabbit, a huge frickin cotton tail bunny. With a death wish. I was sure I hit it; I looked down and saw that he had turned to not get hit and was running along side of my Jeep. Like he was trying to yell something to me. “Tatonka! Tatonka!” Well after a couple of seconds of amazement I wasn’t gonna let no bunny beat me in a race, so I floored it. Teach him to chase cars. Ah, nature. Can I live in a gay ghetto now?


Has anyone seen The Waters of Mars yet? Anyone? Beuller? If you don’t know what I’m speaking of, it’s okay. You’re not geeky enough. Speaking of Geeky, I watched the launch of the space shuttle Atlantis on Monday. It’s mission to take replacement parts and worms to the space station.

Dullest mission ever.

Furnace filters and worms? Like a trip to the hardware store. I did watch it via the Towelroad blog, and when I called over a co-worker she saw the banner add and asked if the gays have their own NASA department. I said yes, because I think that would be a cool rumor to start.

“Gays are trying to launch a satellite to destroy the sanctity of marriage!”


Okay, we’re done with our Non Sequitur post. Fueled by the broken coffee maker in my office. My drag name, right now would be Miss Ann Thrope. Have a great day, watch out for bunnies and have you checked out the L shape Window blog? Take a look.


Wonder Man said...

We are watching The Waters of Mars this weekend. A friend is doing a IT favor to get it

Howard said...

Loved the bunny story - I live in rural Delaware, and know about the suicidal animals..

Plan watching Water Of Mars very soon. It is sitting on my hard drive waiting, taunting me.

the replicant said...

Gays! In! Spaaaaaaaaaace!