Monday, November 23, 2009

See I’m a Gay, ya homophobe!

Don’t ya just love those lazy weekends? Dalton and I went to see the local gay hockey team wipe the floor with the straights. I shot some video so, I spent some of Saturday editing. Hopefully it will be up soon. Later on Saturday I was at the gym when a random guy came up to ask if wrestled at Oregon State. My first thought was “what the hell are you talking about?” Until I looked down and realized it was printed across my chest. Oregon State Wrestling. Now my first response is to say “I stole it from an ex boyfriend.” But, he was some random guy and being the only gay in the gym decided to stutter on about dead lifts.

Turns out he was the head coach of Denver’s rugby team the Denver Harlequins. When he asked if I played rugby I mentioned that I tried out for a team and love rugby but, he would not let me play for him as I’m the only gay in the village. I tried out for a Gay Rugby team. The Denver Wildfire. A gay rugby team.
“Great team!” He responded. “We have Frank, Jim, and Scott playing with us.”
“No, no I can’t play on your team. See I’m a Gay, ya homophobe."
"Yeah, we do joint practices with the Wildfire, You looked familiar."

Okay, the gay part didn’t happen…..outside of my head. But, I was recruited by the head coach to try out for Harlequins. That’s something. That and I watched a lot of Little Britain over the weekend, in case... you couldn’t tell.


Michael Rivers said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I had a few lazy moments myself. It's great to be recruited for the team! ;-)

Dead Robot said...

The day you start wearing PVC shirts, I'm out of here.

Gooster said...

From my experience being surrounded by straight rugby players for so long is that orientation means nothing! Rucking is all that matters! GO GET'EM!

Wonder Man said...

You must be really good in rugby.

Damien Oz said...

I think in any room or city you would most certainly be the "only gay in the village"..... really...

We love your work ya big fag :)