Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Sometimes things you love come in surprising doses.
An example of this for me is television. It’s quite possible that the DVR was invented just for me. I can record just the shows that  intrege me and block out the world of popular media.

One of my favorites is a Japanese animated series called Ghost in the Shell. This obscure show is only broadcast on the weekends around 3AM and since there are only two real seasons there’s only a handful of episodes to watch before they are re-run ad nauseam, like Rupaul’s Drag Race sans the whimsy.  This week I’m beginning to fall in love again. And it’s amazing…

If you dig overly complicated story lines and Japanese anime, put this show on your DVR.

So why am I bringing up a long dead, obscure Japanese cartoon today? Well besides that it today’s blog challenge question it’s also an allegory for what’s been going through my head this week. 

In relationships just when you think you’ve seen every episode over and over you tune in and find something completely new. You fall back in love with the same show from years ago.  That’s just when you want to see what happens next. 

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Anonymous said...

Ghost in the Shell will really suck you in. If you're looking for an even more obscure, allegorical, and dead anime, see