Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just look at the iPhone screen. See anything new? Sandwiched between Scruff and the Tumblr porn? It’s a Stevie B. blog link icon. Yup, exciting isn’t it? Clicking this will take you to the new world of Stevie B.

Simply go to http://www.ntssb.com/ then add the page to your phone’s desktop. That’s right; the Nice to See StevieB blog has a new address, NTSSB.com for all your Stevie B. needs. And I know you have them, and I’ve improved the way to deliver them to you.

Don’t worry; the nicetoseestevieb.blogspot.com address won’t go away for awhile. I didn’t want to force my friend Carl to change his favorites list on his computer too soon.

We’re always trying to find ways to improve your Stevie B. experience, please give me your feedback.


That_One_Guy said...


Dale W. said...

Oh get you, quite the techno genius! I'll get K-9 to update things... ;o)

Nice one, StevieB! x

Wonder Man said...

Okay looking forward to it

Blobby said...

ooh ooh. email me. tell me how you did that. tellll meeeee.