Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The first thing I did as I pulled up to my new apartment in Dallas, Texas was to fall out of the cab of my GMC Sierra. The dog and I had just finished a twelve hour drive to our new site unseen rented apartment. And to our new site unseen life. The dog seemed very nonchalant walking into our new home. No other dogs, no living-in boyfriends. His new house was very different from the house we ran from just thirteen hours earlier.

I showered then went the five blocks down Cedar Springs Road to the Kroger. The gayeighborhood Kroger. This is when the decompression happened. I wandered around the isles like a refugee. As I looked up to discover the meat department manager cruising me I realized, this will work. There’s something about a “gay” grocery store. When it comes to equality it’s really about two guys – one shopping basket that makes a community.

After Sunday’s run I stopped by our local gayeighborhood store. This is when this whole idea of connecting to community hit me. I grabbed a couple of bottles Perrier and was attempting to check out when the checker who has been standing at the same register since my senior year of high school was lecturing me on the glass Perrier bottle verses the plastic Perrier bottle. It’s true that community is important. Where else would you have to promise to recycle the plastic bottle from your uppity gay water?

Wish me luck as lunch today is leftover sushi from the gayeighborhood Kroger.

Impressed with other bloggers taking up the writing challenge, I have decided to take the blog writing challenge. See all sixty-four challenges here. This was question forty.


Wonder Man said...

I miss Kroger

Jim said...

I shop at the Krogirl all the time!

Kelly said...

All our Krogers are doing these fabulous remodels and look like places i want to live... huge wine sections... and good lighting.... the gay Krogers are coming to RIchmond... well, taking place of the Ukrops who sold out to Martins and service there went downhill apparently...but I have always beeen a Kroger geek... oh well... happy Krogering...