Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Generic Undisclosed-bank /Government/ Memorial Day. Hopefully you’re off today. Off so you can enjoy laying out in the park and cookouts with friends. I’m spending my entire holiday weekend in a warm Vicodin haze.

It was on my calendar for a fortnight, circled so I wouldn’t miss it: ORAL SURGERY. I really didn’t think much about it. I’d go get my jaw chipped into then a light lunch followed by the gym. I have never claimed to be smart, but when the phrase “jaw reconstruction” comes out of your Dentists mouth, plan some special time just for you afterwards.

Since my date with Dr. Just-for-men, I’ve been in a nice Vicodin glow. My diet has consisted of orange sherbet, french baguettes and Runza. And I’ve really enjoyed the feeling you only get from petting a dog backwards on his back.

Here it is Monday. The happy haze that only generic equivalent drugs can bring into your world is subsiding. The feeling that you can run longer and harder on a Sunday morning then you’ve ever done before is replaced with the sore feeling of regret. “Why did I go for a run yesterday?” Comes into my sore yet rock filled head.

But now it’s Memorial Day. The day that the US remembers its war dead. I’ll visit long gone loved ones and thank them for coming into my life. Then chill out in the park enjoying the last bits of pain killer buzz, then head over to the annual cookout. And enjoy watching everyone else eat solid food.

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Wonder Man said...

hope everything is okay

Homer said...

I have refused to have my two upper wisdom teeth pulled after the horrible experience with the two lower ones (dry socket!).