Wednesday, June 1, 2011


It’s official.  The word has come down that my office is closing. From now on I’ll work from the comfort of my well-appointed home office.

It’s strange; I’m spending this week beginning to miss my office already. The 50 mile each way commute, the over priced cafĂ© in my building’s lobby, and even the co-workers that constantly come into my office when I’m trying to blog work.

I’ll get more work done with just the dog as an office mate and with the extra time and gas being saved I should be ecstatic. I’m finding that I’m regretting the push for the “remote office” idea. The routine of going into the office and sitting at my desk is probably what I’m going to miss. Well there is the free Starbucks coffee.

I guess changing the habitrail in my world is harder than I thought. But a couple of weeks, blogging working in gyms shorts I’m sure I see no other way to blog work. If I could only get my dog to make coffee.


Nik_TheGreek said...

Sounds nice. It could be a bit boring at times though. You'll need to be reorganizing your work space frequently to keep yourself interested and motivated.

Underground Dude said...

I would love to work from what I like to call my man cave, which is just my term for my office/game room. I could work and level up all at the same time.

Will said...

Be careful. Out of sight is out of mind when they start laying people off.

Wonder Man said...

I think I would miss my office too