Friday, June 24, 2011


I love the last weekend in June. Summer has arrived, it stays daylight until 9:30PM and I can walk the dog in just a wife-beater and gym shorts and enjoy the summer breeze. The jasmine in my mind. It has been blown.

Last night I met up with friends and sat in front of the local gay coffee-house until it closed. Sitting out on the patio I watched the night slowly overtake the trees in the park. As the little squares of light flickered on up and down each floor of the high-rises surrounding the park a real wave of contentment washed over me. Then just as I was in the wave of summer happiness I thought: Only seven more questions in the Blog Challenge.

T-minus seven is a repeat. This explains why there were sixty-four questions in the blog challenge, just repeat a couple, no one will notice. So, again A talent: I gave a lame answer to this question back on number thirty; I’ll give another lame answer this time. The last beer bust at our local bear bar I showed up sporting a skin-tight 2xist tank top, a white UnderArmour baseball cap, and khaki cargo shorts. I could tell it looked great because there was a much bigger built guy wearing the same thing down to the cap and shorts. Showing up wearing the same thing as a much better looking guy is a talent, of sorts. Not that I care about much about that, just throw me in a worn-out T-shirt and cargos and I’m good to go. This, of course will be the uniform of late June shorts, threadbare T-shirts and Pumas.


Anonymous said...

Um you were way more muscley than him.

Buddy Bear said...

"Skin-tight 2xist tank top." Picture, please!