Monday, June 27, 2011


Ever have a weekend where you dine out for every meal? From Italian themed buffets to Texas themed steak houses this weekend was about the food.

As much as I try to avoid chain restaurants that was this weekend’s theme. Especially Friday when we dined at a massive buffet designed with a Tuscany meets Vegas feel. The perfect place to go when you spent your Mom’s money on the prom limo and don’t really like your date. We lucked out because there was a transgender group sitting next to us, fifteen middle-aged ladies trying to navigate the endless rows of Italian cuisine filled chafing dishes in polyester. They’ve driven trucks for years yet can’t master a sensible three inch heal. One looked around when I greeted her with “Good evening Ma’am.”

A late lunch at PF Chang’s was my goal for Saturday. The mega corporation trying to look like a humble Chinese village that is PF Changs is another restaurant that I love and hate. I can only go between the hours of two and five. Any other time and it’s akin to eating Asian Fusin on a subway platform. Off hours and it can actually be a great experience. This was the point of my weekend where I rekindled my love affair with Japanese beers.

Sunday was time for some real authentic Texas steaks. Texas Road House is as Texas as Texas gets. And it doesn’t lose any of its appeal knowing that the corporate headquarters for this Texas institution is Louisville, KY and even if it was years before they actually opened up a restaurant in Texas they still know how to treat you right.

Now it’s back to my eighteen-hundred calorie diet. Then I’ll try to burn off the entire weekend with a long cleansing run and pushing plates of another sort at my mega corporation gym.

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Stephen Chapman said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Good luck with the diet!