Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Every Monday the blogger over at BosGuy, a great Boston centric gay blog site posts his choice of THE MEN OF TWITTER. It’s a list of guys that catches the eye of this sports loving Bostonite. For some crazy reason I was picked to join the list of amazingly hot and charming guys.

Please check out Bosguy at BosBuy.Blogspot.com and follow him on Twitter at @BosGuyand #MenOfTwitter Maybe you could thank him for giving me this honor. Or you could ask him what the hell he was thinking.

I personally would like to say thanks to for the great mention. I can now call Mr. Brown my 8th grade track coach and let him know I made something of myself. I’m sure then he would start to follow me on Twitter @Nice2CStevieB

The Nice To See Stevie B. blog is moving.
Please check out http://www.ntssb.com/
 and don't forget to update your favorites tab.

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BosGuy said...

Was very proud to add you as a MenOfTwitter.