Monday, June 20, 2011


I am only eighth questions away from finishing the sixty-four question blog challenge. I’m as shocked as you are. Question number fifty-seven is “Tell us about your best friend”.

This question has come up perfectly after a weekend of spending amazing quality time with friends. A beautiful weekend enjoying the friendships around me. Yesterday was the second day of Denver’s gay pride festival; this is marked with a huge parade down Capitol Hill to Civic Center Park. I was amazed by this in the terms that since I was dancing with my shirt off into the early morning hours I actually got to stand on a street corner with “that gang I run with” and watch the floats, float by.

This is when I was introduced to a straight couple attending the parade for the very first time. Attending any gay event for the first time. When chatting with Becky and Tom I found out that they had three kids and lived in a nice suburban house in a nice suburban neighborhood. They wanted to come to the festival to help celebrate and mark an amazing day. The day that Tom would come out.

Tom recently retired from the US Army after twenty-five years and as a couple decided it was time to live a complete life. It’s funny how everyone has their coming out stories. I felt honored to be there and share this couple’s first step in publicly acknowledging their new step in their marriage and lives together. Later in the day I got to spend some one-on-one time with Tom, he is a career Army guy through and through and approached his coming out and beginning to date with Army trained dedication. A “this is my military separation date this is when I no longer keep secrets” approach to the situation. With Becky, his best friend at his side.

This made me feel grateful for the best friends I have in my life. Tom is lucky to have his wife and best friend push him to live a full life. I am lucky to have friends to keep my life full.

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