Friday, June 10, 2011


I worked hard this week to close down the corporate office and set up the logistics of working in my gym shorts. I really hate when my work interferes with my blogging.
Today was a huge exhale in my world, one last trip into the office to help a project close down. Before I knew it was time for lunch and the quick drive downtown to meet the famous blogger from Blobby’s Blog. In town for work he graciously made time to meet me for lunch. He was witty, charming and all around just a great guy. I was immediately smitten by his warm demeanor.
After a great time getting to know this nice guy and fellow blogger it was time for the weekend to begin. Until I received a phone call from Fuzzy, the homosexual life companion partner.  He has taken the cruiser out for a ride with the local gay biker group and now they were hungry. Very hungry.
Soon I found myself following a large group of gay motorcycle enthusiasts to a gay biker BBQ. Which of course included a stop of Whole Foods for a wide assortment of pasta salads.  Let’s just say that you’ve never had an in-depth conversation about rims jobs until you’ve had one with a Harley rider sipping on a Riesling.
So, let the weekend begin. I get to meet Jim from Jim’s Stuff blog in town for the Renaissance Festival and I have a lunch date with my high school boyfriend in town from Brooklyn. This weekend will be about making new friends.


Damien Oz said...

Sounds like a great weekend in the making Stevie - enjoy it with ya bad self :)

Ur-spo said...

I am jealous! You are meeting good men one right after another !

Blobby said...

hey - your comments don't mirror each blog. Am I going to have to DOUBLE comment??? THIS is BULLSHIT! :)