Monday, May 9, 2011


I’m beginning to believe that these blog challenge questions where collated by an Emo kid for his Language Arts class. If I went into “great detail” about my day-week-month-year you my friend would be dead of boredom. Other then the parts where I jerk-off inappropriately in public, my life mirrors Count László de Almásy in The English Patient. Sans the French-Canadian nurse. But really our lives are similar. Well, instead of an Italian monastery my life was set in a gay bar in Texas. And instead of a morphine overdose given by the French-Canadian nurse; my life will end when I slip on a slobbery dog toy. I do look smashing in a WWII uniform.

Look at me. I'm English. Wait, what?
I'm Hung.
 I'm Hungarian? Crap.

Okay, scratch that. My day-week-month-year and hopes for the next year go something like this…. I awake each day to the gentle knock of Mrs. Cumberbatch delivery yet another bouquet of flowers from my hunky international model, George. George Glass.

George Glass and I usually summer in a 17th century Italian villa. No, not a villa from the 17th century. We actually go to the 17th century. The luggage fees are a nightmare.

I really have no idea what’s in store for my future, with the law suit and all. If I win my case and get full restitution from the 3M company and the development rights restored I can finally take my rightful place as the true designer of Sticky-notes. Let’s hope.

Impressed with other bloggers taking up the writing challenge, I have decided to take the blog writing challenge. See all sixty-four challenges here. These where questions:

35. Your day, in great detail
36. Your week, in great detail
37. This month, in great detail
38. This year, in great detail
39. Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days


Dale W. said...

Did you put something interesting in your coffee this morning?

Seriously loving this entry! xxx

Wonder Man said...

you jack off in public, scandal!

Blobby said...

ooh. Lord Voldemort. Or Tom Riddle.

That_One_Guy said...

Yeah, let's go back to the jerking off, inside, outside, on things. Please! haha