Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog Challenge

I only have two left. Just two more questions and I’ll be completed with the 64 question blog challenge.

‘member. The Blog Challenge. There has been some shifting here at Stevie blog, luckily I blog by weight not volume, I may settle during handling and shipping.

A lot of shifting about has happened in the last couple of months, “Look at me everybody! WordPress!!!! Oh, shiny!” Then “Grumble-grumble, blog roll won’t do…. the…. thing where it sorts by last update…” Downloads? Platforms? My own hosting software? “Uh, if you need me, I’ll be over at BlogSpot.”

“Look everybody, I’ve moved back to Original Coke.”

Now if I could just get around to answering the two last challenge questions:

62. Talk about the last “random act of kindness” you encountered.
63. The last thing that made you cry.

Right then, on to that….. Let’s knock out 62.

Yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day at my coffee shop. Although, technically not mine I spend a lot of time there to claim ownership. At one point sitting next to me was a gay couple with their stroller. An elderly woman came up to fuss over the baby girl inside. Upon asking the couple, one with beautiful mocha skin, the other with olive skin, what the girl’s name was they responded with beaming pride, “Cloey.”

“Jebus, why do all gay men name their daughters Cloey?” I thought as the grandmother peered in to the baby girl’s stroller. The elderly woman almost stumbled back like Rosemary seeing her baby for the first time. The baby could have been a poster child for Aryan propaganda. Beautiful blue eyes beamed up at her.

Confusion was turning into disgust on the woman’s face. The Dad’s tuned on the charm. They went into total “We’re not going to apologize for how we live, and you’re going to sit there and learn something” mode. By the time they were done, the grandmother was sharing stories of her history and asking questions about cloey’s sleeping patterns.

In my head, it was a complete “random act of kindness” to teach this grandmother that a family with a mocha Dad, an olive Dad and a Aryan girl can be just as normal as any other family out for the day.

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