Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Damn You Bloggers

I read two separate articles yesterday on topics close to my heart. The first had a topic on the death of personal blogging; the second was on the death of podcasts.

It’s funny how magazine writers need to find a topic then try to exploit its possible fail to make a story. With both topics I’m not surprised that a corporate owned news company would say that two entities that cannot be controlled by corporations are doomed. But, the theme of this “personal blog” isn’t about how corporate news modifies our behavior. Its theme is a personal blog; I’ll keep my corporation paranoia to myself.

The suggested move to only write in 140 characters on Twitter and away from blog posts is overlooking that the early adapters to blogging are now just utilizing twits to just drive traffic to their blogs, it’s a PR move, not the next evolution.

The author suggesting that podcasting has no relevant role in advertizing is correct. That’s the point. The author also clearly isn’t gay. Or just doesn’t have great taste in music. I say this because on my iPod there are a dozen DJ’s podcasts with incredible music. More and more DJs are using podcasts as business cards, a way to demonstrate their mad skills in a way to also build fans. It’s brilliant.

If the theme today is akin to me shaking my rake at the neighborhood kids and telling them to stay off my lawn I’ll just ramble on to say that I think I might be over my WordPress blog. I soon may be moving back to Blogger. The reason? Fellow bloggers. Well, reading their blogs that is. After numerous attempts I cannot get my blog roll to sort by the Blogger’s last update. I can sort alphabetically or by some random order yet is won’t pull an update from the post and sort it by date/time. I’ve submitted help tickets to WordPress but this is equal to placing a sign reading FREE CAT next to a road kill tabby.

*shakes rake*


Homer said...

Stevie, your blog is one of five that I check every day. Almost all of the rest have stopped. Facebook and twitter don't allow stories to be told and the entries basically disappear after a while.

Freddyeyes said...

Your Blog is my indulgence of "Mad Skills" for sho! Rake Shaker!!!!