Thursday, July 25, 2013


I've returned to an old love. 

Way back in 2005 I, like all homosexuals in America, fell in love with Project Runway. Time marched on and boring rehashes of the show lost me. The great idea of the show turned into a fashion  assembly line. Each season was soon predicable from the season before it. And after it. Soon it passed out of my gay world. 

Then I read a text from a friend about the new season. Season 324. I figured why the hell not, and since I couldn't remember the last time I actually sat down to watch a TV show,  I have been meaning to work TV back into my life. 

I have to say it is great this season. I'm not sure if it's just because I've been away so long, or that the updated feel of the show has me back to the original feel of the show. What ever the reason, I'm hooked. Oh, and the best part of the show still is finding Tim Gunn's "word of the day."  Last night was Concretize:  To make real or specific: "The need to simplify and concretize . . . was hardly acceptable to a mind fascinated by the . . . suggestiveness of ideas" (Arthur A. Cohen).


BosGuy said...

I'm liking the new season too. said...

While I've grown tired of the excessive amounts of product placement in PR and the inclusion of obvious losers simply because they're "interesting", I'm thrilled that Tim Gunn's role in the competition has been expanded. His talents have been wasted behind the scenes and it's about time his input and observations was included in a final decision.

Yay, Tim!

Robert said...

I've watched pretty much every season of PR and haven't been thrilled with it since it moved to Lifetime. But I have really enjoyed this season because of the expanded role of Tim.

Tim has always been my favorite person on the show. You can tell that he takes his role of mentor very seriously and that all of his comments are truly meant to help the designers do their best.

I was truly moved when he used his save on Justin.