Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rise and Shine

Starting this week I changed my work schedule to 5:00a.m. My coworkers and friends believe that I have gone insane, yet I am enjoying the change. It gives me three full hours by myself in the office. I can drink my Dunkin’ Doughnuts, Hazelnut coffee without fear of others usurping the office coffee maker, and I get most of my day completed before the normal day actually begins. 

Part of the decision was also based around the 24hour Fitness located down the street from my employment in lovely, downtown Boulder, CO.  It may be crazy that I am getting to work three hours early, just so that I can hit the gym at three instead of during the busy time of five, but it changes my workout tremendously. No longer do I have to modify my routine due to lack of access to a flat bench,
Just look at that clown! 
as are typically taken up by guys discussing next quarter's finical outlook on their creepy Samsung Galaxy phones, as they sport completely dry, $50 sweat absorbing tech shirts. Typically. Now I can camp on a flat bench, searching for songs on my iPhone, to my little sleepy heart’s content. 

I hope to adapt to the change of getting up at 3:30a.m. soon. Dear God, I certainly hope so. All the omnipotent power beheld within Dunkin’ doughnuts ground coffee, with its Hazelnuty fumes is the only thing getting me through this week.  

3 comments: said...

For me, getting to work early is easy but leaving early is nearly impossible. I get so much grief! My response is usually "Talk to me again when YOU turn the lights on every day for a month."

Enjoy your relaxing workouts!

viktor kerney said...

I try to get up that early

Rex said...

I love getting up early and getting things accomplished before day breaks...