Thursday, July 25, 2013

Take Me at the Ball Game

As part of my quest to do as little as possible, other than enjoy the summer, this week was a family trip to the ballpark. My annual voyage to see the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field. 

The answer is "A"
Do you have a favorite spot to sit in a ballpark? Mine is on the upper deck above third base. Even back in high school, when I would ditch class and take two buses out to the Houston Astro Dome (back in the olden days when it was Houston’s baseball stadium) I would sit in this area. This preference started because If you arrived at the Astro Dome at just the right time, you could score free tickets from the Dome’s management. As the owners of the Astros and the dome wanted to show the area above third base packed on the televised games. At fifteen years old, I cherished being out on my own, sitting above third base watching the Astros play. Ironically, it was during these games when I made it to my own third base.* I have fond memories of those baseball games under the dome. Let’s just say that the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" always puts a smile on my face. 

Even though this weeks tickets were freebies, we found our seats in the upper deck above third base, and settled in for a great night of baseball nachos and pretzels. With the summer night air, and roar of the crowd, my quest to enjoy summer to its fullest is well on its way. 

*Third base = anal


Pac said...

Wow. Not only am I clueless about baseball, I've been using the baseball sexual euphemisms all wrong. It's no wonder I was always striking out.

Buddy Bear said...

Two comments:
If anal is third base in gay sex, what is a home run? With straight people, a home run normally means full intercourse.

How is it possible to lose your anal virginity in the stands during a baseball game? Do tell! Or was it in a washroom stall?

Stevie B said...

It was a 7th Inning stretch.