Monday, July 8, 2013


This last weekend was all about friends stepping out into the future.

Saturday we joined the celebration of a friend, after an amazing and courageous fight against cancer, she celebrated a birthday and of being a survivor. It was one of those parties where everyone sits around the table, finishing each others sentences, and telling embarrassing stories from our collective past. 

The weekend also marked the first steps for a friend who is learning how to be an individual again, after so many years in couplehood. I realized, for the first time how incredibly brave, smart and fun this person, I'm glad to call friend, is.   

On Sunday I got the privilege to visit my friend, Michelle's house. Still under construction, it was a visit of possibilities. As I walked through the unfinished rooms it made me giggle about my friendship with her, coming from being girl who thought no one would ever have her, spending every Saturday night dancing with her gays at whatever club was popular in the 90's, to being a wife and Momma in her new house in the 'burbs. I danced with her all night at the club, now I dance with her seven year old...

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Pac said...

Okay, that's just cute. But you know I'll be singing that song in my head all day.