Thursday, July 4, 2013

Panic at the Kum &Go

I knew something was odd when I pulled up to the local Kum & Go and there were hordes of rednecks loading up their muddy trucks with cases of drinking water. I did pay much attention because they always do strange things at the Kum & Go gas station; like buying chewing tobacco, and "renting up thoooses mooovies on the Red Box." Little did I know the rednecks knew something I was about to learn. Our fair city was in the middle of a e-coli scare.

A random test of the local water system came back with a positive response to the e-coli bacteria. For the next 48 hours we cannot drink tap water without boiling it. So, yeah. Yay. 

In times of crisis, our government urges us to be prepared. I thought of this preparedness as I ate my slice of gas station pizza and headed over to the grocery store to stock up on sundries to get our household though the storm. The Department of Homeland Defense would of been proud. 

It was a mad house at the store. People were stocking up on water like it was never coming back. We Americans do adore a good mob panic. I rushed to get what was important to survive our trial...

The orange flavor is the best for brushing your teeth. Oh... The water on the left is for the dog. I'm not sharing my Miller Lite with him. Again. 

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