Monday, July 15, 2013

Swatch Me

Sashaying through the mall last weekend, I was covered in the glow that only comes from the purchase of a new iPhone. A long over due act, I was happy to finally bite the bullet and update from the 4 to a 5. Let's just say that I have a new love. Siri. My heart now belongs to her. Him. I love that my assistant is gender neutral.  

Playing with my new toy, I almost walked by a new, gleaming white storefront. I stopped in my tracks, turning my head sideways like a dog trying to watching TV.  "Is that what I think it is?" I asked Siri.  A frickin' Swatch store!!! The Steve squee was heard down at the food-court. 

I ran into the store, zipping from display case to display case. It was 1987 all over again. 

Upon discovering Houston, Texas' Galleria Mall in the summer of 1987 I spent an unhealthily amount of time (for normal fifteen year old) at the Dillard's cologne and watch counters. Part of this obsession was blown at the Swatch counter. I soon successfully begged my Mother into buying me a multitude of the 80's plastic brightly colored fad.  Well, Swatches and Polo cologne.  By the second month of my freshman year of high school at Stratford High, I was known as "Swatch Steve". Well, Swatch Steve, or stinky Steve due to my bathing in Polo cologne.  My left arm would be festooned with four Swatches. 

I settled on one watch, and after having to control the urge to roll her eyes, the sixteen year old sale associate handed me my precious. That's what she gets for working in a store geared toward materialistic forty year olds. Having to hear about the 80's fad and the fay boys that loved them. 

I will return to buy more Swatches. 


Kelly/RICGD said...

okay... i just added about 4 to my amazon wish list... awesome dude!!! LOL! said...

Never thought I'd see them again! Remember the little rubber band things that you would use to decorate them?!

Blobby said...

I had a cool red and black Swatch, but my fave was the clear - clear band and face so you could see the inner-workings. I still have them

viktor kerney said...