Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let it Snow

Snow day! I love unexpected days off. The thrill of not having to go to work, yet no scheduled plans of going to the bank, grocery shopping, or any thing else grown up. Just time to be a kid. 

My work took me up to mountains yesterday. The drive home was right at the beginnings of a massive snowstorm. The Jeep and I slowly creeped down the highway as the wind battered the line of semi-trucks attempting to make Denver before night fall. The trucks and I failed. 

This morning I awoke to voicemails hoping that I didn't head back to the mountain project. Snow day!!! I sat in bed thinking what fun things I could possibly do... First was to get the hell out of the house. It was truly meant to be a personal fun day as every friend I called that might be free, wasn't. I even went down the list of boys in my "little black book" to no avail. It truly is a Stevie quality snow day. 

First stop was the gym. I let my iPod choose its own music, meaning I did shoulders to The Vally of The Dolls soundtrack. Picture it: sweaty Steve cruising a 22 year old doing squats as Dionne Warwick sang about getting off.  Lunch was a vegan chicken club, followed by hours of reading at my Starbucks. An easy dinner with Mike (from the Mike 'n The Mechanics blog)  and I'll plop into the middle of the bed to stretch out with the dog. 

Good day. 


Blobby said...

Fun. But one question: what is a chicken vegan club. the order name alone seems contradictory.

Anonymous said...

I understand the chicky vegan club (it's called soy, Blobby), but what I want to know is how long is your list of boys-to-men in your lil' black book?

Fearsome Beard said...

I'm assuming the chicken was a vegan?

Jeph said...

Snow days are the best days ever!!!!