Friday, February 20, 2009

I thought I’d share images from the Internets:

First is an unusual sculpture showing a large boulder smashed on top of a car on a round-a-bout near Walsh Bay on Sydney Harbour. (Photo credit GREG WOOD/AFP/Getty Images) Now, the funny thing is this is a daily occurrence in Colorado. Yet this is a sculpture in Sydney.

The second is a good friend of mine from Failblog:

Oh yea!

I snapped this yesterday on my long daily wait to get home:

Finally is a plug for Dalton James' art auction going on right now on Facebook:

He's selling a collection of these pieces to move the hell away from NYC. If you need some amazing art for your wall, take a look. Now ya have to go onto Facebook, and you have to be a friend of Dalton James' but it will be worth your time. Tell'm StevieB sent ya!!

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