Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rupaul's Drag Race

I getting tired of news this week. I’m like you, on DirectTV’s channel 104 flipping through the news channels like a video game. Every newscast, every talking head, and every NPR topic is about their take on the stimulus bill. Fox News was blaring in my works lobby; today some overweight white guy was screaming that:

“Obama has set up a chain reaction that will cause dogs and cats to live together, Hall to put out another album with Oates and blood to rain from the sky!”

Well, that’s what he meant anyway. That’s why I’m so happy that Rupaul’s Drag Race came to rescue me from reality.

I love this show; Rupaul is cute like a 7’ bunny. But, today I saw on the Feast of Fools forums that some site has the results and posted who won. A site called The Drag Queen Posse is trying to spoil the fun by stealing Rupaul’s thunder. Seriously? You’d think that as Drag Queens they would want to honor the mystery and elusion. When one of these Drag Queens comes onstage do they say?

“Welcome to the stage………Ralph!”

No. No they don’t. And yet when this site has a chance to run a spoiler, they do just for an instant to feel bigger than Rupaul. When I was eight, I snuck into the living room weeks before Christmas and opened my presents, when I opened them for real on Christmas morn; man the excitement was just completely gone. I’m going to watch every episode and I can’t wait to find out.

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