Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We did watch the Super bowl on Sunday. There were a couple of us trying to figure out the whole heterosexual mess. We got that the Dusty Cranberries were vengeful towards the Goldenrods. When did they change the fabric make up of their tights so you can’t see Jock strap lines? Seriously?

So, we spent the remainder of the match tiring to figure out the scoring system. We decided that they got more point based on the amount of dancing they did in the colored zone. The more flips and gyrations the more points. Got it! It was like being stoned and watching Curling, we weren’t sure how the whole “inning” thing and yard thing worked. Mostly was sat and pick out our future boyfriends. Whilst eating pizza rolls. All and all it was pretty cool. Until Bruce Springsteen started bellyaching. Who picked him for the Half-time show? The overly made up Cougars in the “player’s wives section” they kept cutting too?

All in all we had fun. I ate way too much crudeta or veggie plate for all you non-footballers and, the goldenrods won by a…. by a… dancing end zone thing.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea none of you guys spoke football. Had I known, I would have come over and interpereted for you. While I am gayer that almost everyone but Carl, I actually know how the whole game thing works. And you have been able to see jockstrap lines sine the early 80s. fc

Wonder Man said...

football is like Opera to me, I just don't get it... but it's fun to watch