Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weather and Jesus Feast

Man, the weather in Denver has been amazing this week. If I wasn’t such a pessimist I would be having some spring fever. All week in the 60s, and no snow to trudge through. Remember when I brought a four-wheel drive for the winters? Huh.

I officially lost the “Holiday Decorations” bet. This was between Captain Fuzz and me on when our quaint little town would take down the cities Christmas decorations. Not Holiday, but Christmas décor. Plastic trees and Santas bolted onto every street light. To quote Daria

I said that they would finally sober up and remove any trace of Jesus-feast by my birthday. Wrong! Still there! All sparkly and gay. And by that I mean Christ-like not Sodimite-like. Now I’m pushing for Valentine’s Day!

Please, white trash city leaders just hold out until V-day!! Just in time for the Cinco De Mayo decorations to be hung to every vertical surface on main street.

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