Monday, February 23, 2009


Sometimes you have a thought shoot through your head like “Damn I’m old!” This happened this weekend when I was watching Logo. Clicking away at my Mac I had Logo’s music videos blaring away in the background. At some point I happened to look up at a video that I liked. I soon realized that I had no idea who the girl was but, as I watched I was transfixed by the dancing. “Wow, she’s good. I hope she makes it.” As it ended I watched for the artist and title:

Beyonce – Single Ladies.

Great. Maybe is should come out of my Punxsutawney Phil like den every once in great while and see what’s going on. Man cannot live on Colton Ford and The Pet Shop boys alone.

Saturday we attended an African Drum and Marimba concert. I later realized how good it was, as I never took out my IPhone to check Dead Robot's or anyone else’s blog. I never even went onto the The Feast of to check the forums. It must have been a good concert. I guess ADD boy was placated.

Sunday BFFCarl and I met Michelle and her dauther, little Raven at the Denver Zoo. A baby Giraffe had been born and Michelle wanted to bond. Super Kawaii! As we walked towards the "non-exciting" part of the zoo Michelle turned in casual conversation and mentioned:
"Did you hear about the Buffaloes killed by an airplane?"
Me- "Uh what?"
"I guess fifty Buffalo where killed when a plane crashed on them."
Me- "Uh what"
"Poor Buffalo."
Me- Uh what....Are you sure you don't mean, fifty people where killed when an airplane crashed in Buffalo....New York?"
"Well as long as the buffalo are okay."

All in all it was a pretty great weekend of hanging out in Denver. Now it’s back to the Cubical.

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Dead Robot said...

I had a computer-free weekend so you didn't miss anything over on my site.

Those poor Buffalonians (Buffoons?).