Friday, February 27, 2009

Fuzzy Squirrel Friends

It’s casual Friday here at the old cubical ranch. This means I’m sporting my black Pumas and jeans. The wrong jeans, the jeans that I thought were grabbed are nice, clean, and not at all slutty. But somehow I ended up at work in bar jeans. The ones with the hole right below my ball sack.

I’d take a picture but, I really don’t want someone to casually walk into my cube asking if I’d seen the Doughnut man woman, to catch me holding my iPhone in one hand and my manly over sized testicular sack in t’other. Not really, anyway. Me thinks this may be a “work from home” day. As I walk out with my bag over the Stevie Fun Zone. My fuzzy squirrel friends peeking out to see if there’s six more weeks of winter.


Dead Robot said...

You're commando?

I think a picture really is in order. Remember, for blogs, content is king!

Kelly said...

Yes... pic is needed... maybe once you get home...hmmm?

The Mutant said...

I have those exact same jeans! How embarrassing!

Go on then, take a photo, I need to see how much better your paperweights look in 'em than mine do!