Monday, February 2, 2009


How was your weekend? On Saturday we went to Pappadeaux for a gay family dinner. Pappadeaux is one of those high-end chain Cajun type of seafood places. Although, Mike referred to it as river bottom food. Fuzz had a dozen Oysters on the half shell. I tried not to puke.

The Thirty-seven year old thing has settled in most ways, I did overextend my shoulder at the gym on Friday because two nineteen year-olds on the bench next to me. I put one more plate then they had on the bar. OUCH! But, I showed them!

I ran into the Leather Avenger at the gym. You know, you have a Leather Avenger at your gym. The guy who works out in a codpiece and jack boots. He’s the one you find on the cables wearing leather Wonder Woman wrist cuffs. He wished me a happy birthday but said that it was nothing compared to his Fifty-two years. He added,
“Last week I was at the bathhouse being plowed by a twenty year old. And he stopped and said is that hurting you?
So I said Boy I’ve got twelve rings hanging from my balls, do you honestly think you can hurt me?”

I smiled and back away.
When you Google Leather Avenger this is what you get:


Anonymous said...

The Leather Avenger is a sweethaert- and impervious to pain. I've tried! fc

John said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Stevie!

Anonymous said...

cool blog. lets trade links. as told by c.

Jeph said...

LMAO! Hope you had a great birthday! I turn 40 in - ugh - one month and one day I guess? :'-(

I can't say I've seen any Leather Avengers at our university Rec Center. I'm not sure if that would be a cool thing to see, or something scary?

StevieB said...

I vote for scary!