Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We met friends at Red Square Bistro for a vodka themed dinner on Friday. After three seconds in the bar a seemingly random woman swooped down on Fuzzy. Buying him a of shot of Horseradish infused vodka. As Fuzzy is a gentleman, he returned the favor. That's when she asked:

“Do you need a sewing kit? Cuzz you’re ripped!”

I’ve never seen Fuzz speechless….ever. He turned screaming to find me. He had a look on his face that prompted me to say “Show me on the doll where the lady touched you?” Two well groomed guys in an upscale restaurant with no personal space…. That usually equals no chance. Good for her.

Last Saturday, Dalton borrowed Carl’s car. Getting onto the highway he plugged in his iPod and started to jam out. What he didn’t realize was that he soon hit one of the five buttons on the steering wheel. The music went dead. He sat there for awhile wondering what had happened, then without realizing it he said out loud,
“What happened?”
Then suddenly an overly polite Elaine Paige calmly questioned, “Pardon?”
Dalton jumped wondering how the West End star was now asking him to repeat the thought inside his head.
“Pardon?” Ms. Paige inquired again.
“Uhmmmm…sor…CANCEL!” Dalton dictated to the cars dashboard.
“Canceling.” Softly cooed the 1985 star of the musical Chess.

When Dalton tried to retell this story, I never heard the ending because I was laughing so hard. Apparently, Dalton hadn’t been properly introduced to Carl’s car. So, this one goes out to Dalton and Carl's car....


Wonder Man said...

that's funny

Anonymous said...

HA! He didn't tell me this story - this is too funny..... I hit it on occasion and wonder the same thing.... who is this woman!....carl