Tuesday, October 13, 2009


To night's the night. The big date to go see Pam Ann at the Paramount Theater, Denver. We'll see you there. Or, check out her tour.


Michael Rivers said...

This looks like fun! If she comes to Minneapolis I will go!

Wonder Man said...

it does look fun

Stephen Chapman... said...

Saw her in London and she was pretty funny - though the cabin crew in the audience found her REALLY hilarious.

I'd recommend seeing her, but only once.

Mister G.A.G. said...

I've been introduced to her comedy style, recently and I wasn't impressed.

The only hilarious thing about that was the reaction of the guy who had sent her video; he was shocked it didn't make me laugh a bit.

I think Kathy Griffin and Lisa Lampanelli have placed the bar quite high. :)