Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The power went out at Southfork last Saturday night. I didn’t notice until Fuzzy walked up with a lit candle in his hand. This was because I was watching excessive amounts of Doctor Who on the laptop via Netflix and, he wanted to scare the crap out of me. After some missed woo pitching we hung out in the street with the neighbors until I thought “Jerrod works for 911! Let’s call him to complain!” He claimed it wasn’t his fault but, he was helpful in letting us know that the power company would have us lit within that hour.

I only bring this up in case you ask about the bruise on my shin. Also because I spent the next darkened hour going through my iPhoto files to find some photos to share. Cool hu?

Dalton snapped this one in 2006, it was a bathroom wall in Brooklyn, NY.

God loves black dick! I think I’ve found my 2009 Christmas card.

This is from some White Party…somewhere…sometime…

I’ve never noticed my friend, Frank in the background. It’s like he’s saying:
“Look in to my eyes, look directly into my eyes, not around my eyes…directly into my eyes!” Sorry, too much Little Britain.

Have you ever posed with a bronze sculpture? Been to say, Benjamin Franklin's house and took a picture of you next to a six foot tall Ben. Or stood next to a mannequin of someone famous? Then wondered why?

Here’s a great picture of Jerrod posing next to an UNDISCLOSED gentleman who just had a Prince Albert piercing. It’s like he’s at Disney Land.

And that was a tour around Stevie's iPhotos. Good buys!


Michael Rivers said...

If that is going to be your Christmas card, I want one!

I am a total tourist when it comes to posing with statues etc. I've gone to Madame Tussad's 4 times and I always pose with all the figures. Crazy. I know.

Wonder Man said...

I want that card too

The Mutant said...

You don't mind if I use that photo of Jerrod as my Christmas car this year, do you?

That photo is an absolute winner! And be honest, you're Mr. Undisclosed, aren't you?

Jeph said...

Mr Undisclosed is hot! So is Mr White Mohawk!


Jerrods pic reminds me of just how fun family get togethers can be.