Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There are thirty-five days until I get to put up the Christmas lights. So, only thirty four more days of bugging the other half about putting up the Christmas lights. I love this time of year.

We were standing in the back isle of our local Gay Target, I was pondering about the taste level of animatronic, glowing willow moose. At what point do light up holiday wildlife become tacky? I asked out loud. It was a rhetorical question but was also answered by Fuzzy. At any point. You smack down plug-in anything in a front yard, and you’ve just crossed a threshold, the one that says, a trip to Branson, Missouri might be fun. A fanny pack would keep you organized. Then you’re a short hop to being upset because you have to dress up to go to Wal-Mart.

Now I’m thinking “understated elegance” is the way to go.


Michael Rivers said...

I'm also planning my holiday decorating time frame! I usually do it all the weekend of Thanksgiving. I love it.

Isn't Target fun. They are based in Minneapolis so there is a Target about every 3 blocks. I love it!

Gooster said...

My roomie loves the inflatables for the yard. OY VEY! I just roll my eyes.

StevieB said...

Oy vey, the gentiles and their inflatable crap.

Wonder Man said...

I have never decorated for the holidays, maybe I should try it

Geoff said...

LOL....very funny. Doug and I are probably a half a step away from a matching set of fanny packs (god shoot me now)...but halloween perusing in Target is one of our favorite fall things to do! Great post! (I'm all for understated btw)