Monday, October 19, 2009


This is an open apology for the guy I cut off turning into the gym on Friday. There’s not an excuse for driving unsafe around a sport bike. Even though you were trying to turn in to the 24hour fitness on Alameda’s parking lot whilst checking your text messages, I could have been more aware. I’ve been crazy on sport bikes and owned a street bike and I cannot imagine the skill level you must possess being able to ride a Honda CBR, down-shifting in flip-flops. With head phones on. I understand why you could not signal, with all the texting you were doing and having to maintain your head just right to not break your spiked up hair. Sorry. I hope your Abercrombie shirt comes clean.

I’m kind of done with the 24hour gym on Alameda. When did it turn from Gay to Pretentious Tool? I’ve also discovered that the guys at the 24hour on Yale are more College Jock and less tweezed eyebrow. Not that there’s anything wrong with a “shaped brow.” I’m thinking that the next big thing on the dance circuit will be the muscle gays shaving off their brows and painting them on. With sharpies.

A whole sea of guys bouncing up and down. Looking like Trix the Rabbit.

I think I need more coffee.


Michael Rivers said...

Pretentious Gays with Shaped Brows? Go to the other gym. The scenery sounds much better!

Wonder Man said...

That's how I feel about West Hollywood, the gays there are clones.

And my gym downtown is filled with rough guys, just how I like them

Homer said...

I am superficial and would never date someone who plucked their eyebrows.

bigislandjeepguy said...

i love your descriptions!

Anonymous said...

I have already shaved off my eeborws and am waitin or Mighty D to finish designing new ones so I can have them tattooed on. I will be debuting them on Halloween.