Thursday, October 8, 2009

Rocky Mountain Oysters

I have a fondness for obscure old style dinners and road houses. Knowing this my other half took me out to dinner last night to The Pepper Pod, in bountiful downtown Hudson, Colorado. The Pepper Pod is the “fancy” restaurant for folks that lives in any of the small towns North-East of Denver. Another good name for it would have been The Off Ramp Inn.

I can always tell the great shape of a restaurant by how many white farm trucks are out front; this place had a full lot. This probably was due to the restaurant being famous for their Rocky Mountain Oysters. This delicacy is the…..well….they’re “a North American culinary name for edible offal, specifically buffalo or bull testicles. They are usually peeled, coated in flour, pepper and salt, sometimes pounded flat, and then deep-fried. This delicacy is most often served as an appetizer.” *

I had the salad.

I did get to dine under this great fellow….

Throughout dinner I kept looking up to see if he was watching me. He was. Dinner was actually amazing; I had two trips to the salad bar shaped like a chuck wagon and a Ribeye I ordered off of a plank of wood. If you go remember that Wednesday is plaid night. I wasn’t certain but I think you get 10% off if you wear a plaid work shirt.


*Wikipedia. Dear God don't google this.The images may make you lose your breakfast.


John said...

Sound like a place just outside Boise... good eats there too. Including the animals poking out through the walls.

Do you not like RMO's? I've had them 1x... interesting texture. I had them at an establishment that even Guy Fieri wouldn't step foot in, only there they were called 'calf fries'.

Are you planning on going back on flannel night?

Wonder Man said...

I wish we had stuff like that in L.A.

Michael Rivers said...

I've never tried a Rocky Mountain Oysters. I have no desire to. I can't even imagine.

There are only one kind of "oysters" I put in mouth.