Monday, October 12, 2009


I don’t know much about Christopher Columbus. Other then that took a bunch of money from Sigourney Weaver and went to spread STD’s across the frickin universe. Complete bastard if you ask me.

But it’s because of this Spanish douche that I get the day off. So, I’m in bed nursing a disco hangover. Not because I drank, more from waiting all last night for the DJ to play Jody Watley at BackTracks.

Tracks was the dance club here in Denver from the early ‘80s to the late ‘90s. and were you would of found our protagonist in a Hyper Color T-shirt spinning around on the dance floor to Jody Watley. Now, Back Tracks is charity event for the Colorado Aids Project. A annul dance to raise funds, and for Steve to run in to every ex-boyfriend from ’93 to ’99. Good times.
Nina Flowers and a bevy of Drag Queens performed ’70 and 80’s hits. But, the whole night… Jody Watley. So, today I really know how Christopher Columbus felt at Salamanca, being unable to see Queen Isabella.


Wonder Man said...

Love Jody, I didn't you were a huge fan. I see in WeHo at the grocery store. She still looks great.

Michael Rivers said...

I'd love to see Nina Flowers! She was one of my favs from RuPaul's Drag Race. BeBe (the winner) is from Minneapolis so I see her perform all the time.

Sadly, I am working today.

Dead Robot said...

For Canadian tgiving, my gay dad made prime rib for dinner. It was the size of a baby.

Were there any awkward silences when you met all these exs?