Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I don’t read our local town’s newspaper. Mostly because I don’t care that much about agricultural and crop news. That and it’s written horribly. If I wanted to read bad run on sentences I’d read my own.

Yesterdays lead story was about a husband and wife that delivered their third child on the living room rug. It went on to say how the extended family all “helped” to bring their new baby boy into the world. I pictured years from now the Mother screaming “You kids stop playing with Stanley's spot and go out to the back yard!”

I figured they would name him Stanley, because next to the article was an add for Stanley Steemer, the carpet cleaning professionals. Their tag line? We can get out any stain.


Michael Rivers said...

If I ever go to their home, please remind me not to take off my shoes. Thanks.

Dead Robot said...

But can Stanley Steemer remove the stain of a broken marriage brought on by over-populating your life with useless, dirty children?

Wonder Man said...

that's creepy, but cool

The Mutant said...

I dunno about your part of town a 'Stanley Steamer' is something entirely different - that'd be an unfortunate name for a carpet cleaner and even worse to give your son.

I vote they should do it!