Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Last night started the other half’s first day on his new diet. God help me.

This means an entire shopping trolley full of non-carb high protein slabs of meat, cans of meat and other carbohydrate free sundries. These times are crazy up at the old South Fork Ranch. He with the non-carb Atkins diet thing and me with the non-fat close to vegetarian thing working. The dinner table can get a little…. Exciting.

If you would have joined us for dinner last night you would have been treated to meatballs, large pickles, and cubed cheese with a can of Vienna Sausages as an appetizer. Or, you could have started with a Caesar salad with fake chicken strips and crumbled facon followed by low-fat cheese pizza with whole-wheat crust. For dessert you might have enjoyed either low fat chocolate pudding or a five slices of salami.

I know it’s only the second week in February but, is it Spring yet??


Dead Robot said...

Salami for dessert? I'm back at my Grandma Perini's house for Xmas!

Dale W. said...

I'll have the Caesar, followed by the pizza and the chocolate please. Do you deliver?

Wonder Man said...

That's sound brutal

Pac said...

I'm still amazed when I think how much this issue (mismatched dieting) has impacted and defined our relationship. And it's about to hit the fan again here, too. :)

Blobby said...

ooooh. Remind me to ask what's on the menu if I ever get invited to a dinner party.

I might have to brown bag it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which - there is a new jar of giant pickles in the garage fridge I think - feel free to take the whole thing.... gratis... cn