Friday, February 18, 2011


I’m re-watching all of the Godzilla movies, Wednesday was the first 1954 release, Gojira. This black and white un-subtitled masterpiece spoke more to the theme of the horrors of nuclear weapons then the spectacle of Japan getting eaten by a lizard. This may be why, when pretending to be Godzilla chasing after the Shar-pei to stomp him and everything he holds dear, I fell down the stairs.

I’m sure even Godzilla had problems with stairs.

During my fall I managed to get my tiny T-Rex arms under me to break the fall. I then slid down the full flight of stairs on my butt and elbows. Whilst still making dinosaur sounds. The dog, thinking he just brought down Godzilla promptly attacked in a playful manner to score some brontoburger.

Flash forward to the gym the next day.

A gym bud noticing my severely carpet burned and scabbed elbows says something like “Hee-hee, carpet burned elbows hu? Wow! You must have had fun.” This is when I stated something like “yeah, you should see my ass, black and blue. I took a pounding, man am I sore.” I found it odd that when I turned to explain how I fell down the stairs he had busted into laughter and just walked away.


Minutes later…..

“OH MY GOD! He thinks I got the carpet burns because of…… And I said…. Man! I said I took a pounding!....... black and blue.

My life as it has been lived with dignity.


captainjack891 said...

As normal Stevie.. Full of class ;-)

cb said...

How does your mind NOT go to the dirtiest sexual level first??? Mine does.

Dale W. said...

All I'll say is "ouch. hope that all heals soon!"

Kelly said...


Moby said...

That's ok. You kick ass in the remake!

Wonder Man said...

oh Stevie...

Damien Oz said...

Again........... oh Stevie.

Blobby said... least you now know what all the people in the gym have always thought. You just confirmed it.

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