Thursday, February 17, 2011


As a couple I believe that Fuzzy and I have moved past the high gay, rose petals on the table type of Valentine dinners. That and our combined loathing of corporate restaurants have spurred a new sport in our house. Find the most obscure, oddly kitsch restaurant and go experience the bizarreness.

On Valentine’s Day we found a relic from the heyday of wood paneled steak houses called Gala Gardens. This seventies steak house is where you would of taken your prom date for a lobster dinner before ravishing her in your Chevy Silverado. In 1978. Literally on the other side of the tracks in Commerce City, Colorado the restaurant and lounge is stuck in a time warp. A tacky popcorn ceiling and deep rust carpeted time warp. But with reviews like “This is the kind of place very old people and truckers like to go” We were so in.

Actual diners from the website,
don’t they look like they’re enjoying life?
 In their matching outfits.

After the smell coming from the fish tanks settled in my head, I noticed that I was overdressed for a romantic Valentines Dinner. My dress shirt had sleeves. Apparently the new look this year in this industrial, grain elevator populated suburb to Denver, Co. is NASCAR pit crew vests.

We were shown to a booth next to the waterfall. Well, It was an indoor waterfall and pond in 1980. They’ve since moved to a plastic fern and pastor garden gnome theme. By filling the koi pond with plastic flowers it coordinated better with the missing teeth and pierced eyebrow of our waitress. This was the same waitress when asking about the lobster and prime rib turned to the table next table, picked the surf-n-turf out of the hands of the leather vested gentlemen about to enjoy this delicacy and brought to show us. Now that’s service.

All in all it was an amazing evening. We were there for hours, tried all of the house specialties this side of the Rocky Mountain Oysters and enjoyed the old steak house style of dining. We’ll go back anytime. Where else can you start your meal with an iced tray of radishes and green onion ApĆ©ritifs and end with a dessert called Cherry LeBamba.

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