Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It usually starts with a whisper. Then maybe a rub on the back. The quiet time in the middle of the night when one of us can’t sleep and wants to talk. Maybe not talk, just to not be alone in bed awake wondering about the future or the past or really nothing at all. This usually results in a quick stride to the truck in gym shorts for a middle of the night drive around town.

We started these late night cruises five years ago, the drive around our small town in the truck when we can’t sleep. Since our town really is one long main street it’s easy to make a couple of trips up and down, past the Latino cell phone store / quinceaƱera shoppe, past the Soviet Safeway, the bowling alley, the DQ and down to the gym. This is when we either turn to head for pancakes at the Village Inn or zip around the traffic circle and head back up the town’s streets and it’s blinking four way stop lights.

We don’t really talk much. Just listen to the overly loud exhaust pipes of the truck grumble away as the sound bounces off the faƧades of the buildings on Main Street. Before we know it we’re back to the ranch and slipping back between the sheets. Somehow, this makes us able to slip off within minutes.


Wonder Man said...

I do that sometimes when I'm bored

Damien Oz said...

Me too.... is a great way to just relax and ease out some tension.

Sometimes you just gotta get out.