Thursday, February 3, 2011


Another February and another loss in the holiday decoration contest. This is the yearly bet between me and Fuzzface on when our village will take down the cities Christmas decorations. Not Holiday, but Christmas d├ęcor. Plastic trees and wreathes bolted onto every street light.

If they sober up and remove any trace of Jesus-fest by my birthday I win. If they make it into February he wins. They officially took down the plastic fantastic Jesus tribute yesterday. Main street looks so bare and holiday free. It’s spooky.

Last night:

"I love you." I sleepishly said.

“Yeah, I love hotdogs too.” I heard back from the other side of the bed.


“Man, I know there nasty but doesn’t a couple of hotdogs sound great?”

“I’ll slip you a nice plump hot dog.”

“Really? You’d go buy us some hotdogs?” With utter excitement in his voice.

“Good night” I said pulling the duvet over my head.


Blobby said...


g-d, that exchange should be in a sitcome somewhere.

captainjack891 said...

Oh dear.. you gotta laugh

Underground Dude said...

That is adorable!

Wonder Man said...

Ha! Cute

Greg said...


Damien Oz said...

OMG I can not tell you how many of THESE sorts of conversations I've had - oy vey..................