Friday, February 25, 2011


I have an odd weekend lined up. Not as odd as the weekend I spent in bed with my high school principal, but different none the less.

The companion partner is out of town on a “boys retreat in the mountains”. Most of the guys or gang I run with will be out of town for a multitude of reasons. It’ll be just a gay skeleton crew around these parts, which really isn’t a bad thing sometimes.

The Cheesman Park pavilion
I’m finding lately that I don’t need to constantly be around the buzz. This really started when I began to take running seriously. I’ve found myself turning off the thump-thump dance music on my iPod and just listening to my breath. All the years of the meditation and yoga stuff and I never got the idea. Then one day in the park it just hit me. Breath in, breath out.

Okay, let’s not get deep here. The other part of being alone in the house is my horrid taste in movies. Not every homo likes to sit and watch Godzilla, some kind of low-budget Sci-Fi then wash it down with a subtitled foreign gay romance flick. It’s an acquired taste.

Don’t get me wrong there will be a large amount of whoring and a lot of Chinese food in bed. In that order. But it will also be a weekend of drinking coffee to all hours at my local coffee shop and going for a nice long run.


Kelly said...

sounds good to me...especially the bed part..have a great weekend

cb said...

Um, personally I wanna hear more about the weekend with your princiPAL. Ahem

Dale W. said...

If my TARDIS were nearer, you know I'd want to be there for every single sci-fi flick you could possibly throw at me!

Alas, I'm working all weekend, and the TARDIS steering systems are a little... off target... at times.

Have a great weekend though Stevie.

Wonder Man said...

well don't whore around too much

Blobby said...

Don't you gloss over that principal comment young man....