Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I started out this week of sub-zero temperatures by taking one step in my new pumas onto our front sidewalk and flying up into the air and landing spread out flat on my back. I was okay, my backpack stuffed full of gym shorts and Morningstar grillers cushioned my fall. But, as I lay there in the early morning freeze I started to think about that rap/hip-hop star Flo Ridder. Would his friends call him Flo? Because the only Flo I knew was from the TV show Alice. I started to think that he works into his rhyme Yo-Kiss my grits, dog. Then I realized that I should get my ass off the ice before the used vacuum cleaner bag of an old lady next door calls the cops.

Yesterday when our fair city dropped into the negative temperatures I worked from home. Leaving the house only to go to our villages ALL YOU CAN EAT MEXICAN BUFFETT[sp]. The tasty yet bad grammar restaurant had a mile of cheap Mexican cuisine. To stay warm I ate an entire chupacabra in a chocolate mole. Man they’re tasty.

Today is another below zero day. But no fear, I went outside and didn’t see my shadow. So we’re bound to have a early spring.


Pac said...

I'm so glad you're okay Stevie! Unless this coffee cleans up, you owe me a keyboard and the bottom half a monitor.

Dead Robot said...

I propose a new holiday: GroundInSteveieB Day. If he turns on his TV and sees a Dr Who rerun, we're in for two more seasons of the 11th Doctor.

Wonder Man said...

Below zero? No sir

Underground Dude said...

Yeah dude, I'm so over these sub-zero temperatures. You're random thoughts in times of stress amuse me.