Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So part of my tax return this year is going towards shiny new wheels for my Korean sports sedan. Since this is my first car, before this I’ve only had trucks and 4X4s I want to treat it special, show it I care.

I’ve been shopping for quite a while trying to find the right type of rims. This was made more difficult then I first suspected because I have a raging twenty-one year old inside me that apparently listens to Pitbull and needs chrome rims to match the chrome studs in his Ed Hardy knock off sparkely hoodie. I’d pull up a website for over-sized hand polished rims and want to strip down to my wife beater and say “Oi! Thems sweet!” This started to make my co-workers worry.

Eventually the mature and tasteful gay man took control of the brain. He decided upon nice, polished steel from Italy. I ordered a set and had them shipped to a “retailer near me”. That’s when I received a call from Paul. Mr. Paul, the most unromantic tire man in the world, called me to let me know when my Italian beauties would be ready for installation. This is when Paul put me in a Sophie's Choice moment.*

The first appointment available was on Monday. This coming Monday. The 14th of February. Then I had to decide to take the evening appointment and started to rehearse what I’d say to the Italian I had at home. “Right. So we usually do a romantic dinner at 17th Avenue Grill…… but I thought what would be really special would be the Philly Cheese steak stand next to my custom garage. Doesn’t that sound…… great?”

When Paul finally pulled me back to reality I told Ed Hardy dude to shut the hell up and decided that Tuesday the 15th would do nicely.

*Never start quoting lines from Sophie’s Choice to you local auto mechanic. He just won’t get the camp.


Pac said...
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Pac said...

I think you made a wise choice, they look great! And it's good you decided to wait an extra day.

Wonder Man said...

I didn't know buying rims was so hard

Blobby said...

oh. THAT kind of rimmed. Snore. :)

Randy P. said...

oooooh! I want an italian rim job!