Friday, January 9, 2009

The Advocate

Have you seen the new Advocate? The February 2009 issue is out, and it’s new and improved. The advocate had suffered along with other members of the PlanetOut media company. The gay magazine had become a shadow of its former self and very seldom delivered to my mailbox. I was beginning to worry that my lifeline to all things gay was going to join the sad ranks of “online only” magazines.

But, behold the new beefed up Advocate! The February issue is the “re-launch” of their print version. I can breathe easy now, and sit at the Jeep dealership reading stories such as this one:

After their long waddles together grew tedious, male penguin partners at a zoo in Habin, China graduated to the next step: kids. With family options limited, the guys took matters under their own wings by pilfering eggs form hetro birds, nests. The plan backfired – it wasn’t long before the eggs were back with the parents and the boys exiled to a separate sanctuary by zookeepers.
“It’s not discrimination,” a keeper told the press. “We have to fence them separately; otherwise the whole group; will be disturbed during hatching time.”
Even in conservative China, animal experts acknowledged the egg theft is simply biology at work, saying the gay penguins gave a natural desire to be dads. They soon got their wish. Says a zookeeper: “We decided to give them two eggs from another couple whose hatching ability had been poor and [the gay couple] turned out to be the best parents in the whole zoo.”

It that not the cutest story ever?! See what you’re missing by not subscribing.


Anonymous said...

While not a Penduin, I have been gay for an LONG time and in a relationship for 10 years and yet never wanted to steal my neighbors babies and raise them. Am I a bad fag??? fc

The Mutant said...

Now that's what I call news!

Anonymous said...

"Conservative zoo patrons then presented a petition demanding the chicks be taken away and raised in traditional penguin households."