Wednesday, January 7, 2009


When I first moved to Dallas I had a roommate that was a bartender that the Dallas Eagle. I was a morning person and he, a night owl. He’s plan was whomever was left at the end of the night he’d bring home to get plowed by. One Sunday morning I was in the kitchen making coffee in my Calvin’s. I just needed some caffeine before heading to church. The bathroom door opened and a random guy staggered out and said good morning. As I say morning to him as he comes in for a kiss.
“Thanks for last night you’re a pro” he grins.
Uhh.. That wasn’t me. That was the roommate. He’s the pro.”
A puzzled face came and went.
“Well, I have time. If you wanta…….” he plainly states.

Have you ever had one of those whole body shivers but can’t show it? Like when a homeless man tries to touch you or you find yourself shopping at PayLess.

I calmly state “Thanks, no. Coffee?
“Come on! I’m an IML title holder!”

I smirk, “been there, done that. Got the T-shirt.”


Greg said...


At least you had the hidden full body shiver instead of the slight vomiting in the mouth.

Either way, ew. Love the comeback, though.

Ben said...

Great comeback. Great image of you standing in your calvins too

the replicant said...

"Shiverless Shiver" is correct. We would also have accepted "coffee spit take."

tankmontreal said...

Well done. I doubt I could've handled an IML title holder with equal aplomb.