Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had a dream last night that I had carnal relations with Superboy. Now, before you get that creepy pedophile feeling. I’m not talking about the skinny kid from the nineties Superman comics. So let’s get that idea out of your head. I’m talking about the older muscle-bound Superboy from the Titans. You have no idea who I’m talking about? See, I knew this was weird and hard to explain. This Superboy:

Let’s just say it was a pretty hot dream. And as I woke up I soon realized just how weird it was. Turning off the alarm and forcing my limbs to move I started to realized, not that I’m having sexual dreams about fictional comic character, but that as you know, Superboy has been dead for awhile. Weird hu?


Anonymous said...

Necrophilia and pedophilia, YUM! fc

Dead Robot said...

Weird. You need to hang out at comic book conventions. I'm sure yo'll find like minded boys.

I dreamed that I was being propositioned by a (ahem) large African American and all he could say was "Whatdoyouwanttodowithit?" over and over again. I woke up when he wouldn't give "it" to me to realize that my husband's loud snoring was exactly the "Whatdoyouwanttodowithit" part of my dream.

Jeph said...

Once they revamped Superboy for the Titans relaunch a number of years back, he was initially barely recognizable from what he'd looked like before, but they also made him a total hottie!! I'm with you - I'd have that dream any nite!

Don't think about him being dead...that just makes it weird. 'Sides, there's speculation he'll be making a comeback.

Mike said...

Funny how the Character looks suspiciously like you Stevie..........or is it Clark?