Friday, January 16, 2009


For reasons I won’t go into, I work in east coast time. Because I sit in Mountain Time, I have a clock on my desk set two hours ahead; soon I’ll get a whole other project in West coast time. I can never tell when to go to lunch.

I mention this because I have the choice of switching my work schedule from 9AM -5PM to 6AM -2PM. I haven’t really decided what would be best. At six there’s going to be a lot less traffic. Since I have an hour commute right through the heaviest traveled part of the city, six might be best. Not to mention getting off at two in the afternoon. That would rock. On the other hand I’ll have to leave the house at five, not so much fun. I think I’m leaning towards the six o’clock time just because of traffic. I will miss watching Kyle Dyer’s huge gums in the morning as she trips over the Channel Nine news. But I think I’ll live.

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